Takk til Sissel for at hun ga Caro et fantastisk og innholdsrikt liv 


New planned mating

Cichlas Chaplin for sale or co-ownership ! 5 months old male,very promising for tracking and shows.both testicles,
fully vaccinated,and comes with kennel club pedigree. Please contact us for further information on phone,or email


Puppies are planned from Ruthless Runour
Father will be Volcan du Lorier
Inquiries most welcome !
Ruth   Volcan



BISS 2 Oppdretter klasse og BISS oppdretter klasse ivø 5 & 6 mai


Revloch Fiddlers Green


We are Anne Tove, John Morten and Maren and our home is on Hundvåg, an island just outside Stavanger on the south western coast of Norway.
Anne Tove works as an supervisor in Stavanger commune, and Morten works offshore as an well service specialist.
Our home is in between farms, so our dogs have plenty of space to run around, and they have the possibility to bath in the sea.
We breed Groenendaels on a small scale, and have had 10 litters since 1999.
Several dogs bred by us are approved rescue dogs, and many other dogs bred by us have become show champions.
But the most important for us, they all live happily as family members with their owners.

You can find much information and statistics regarding our breeding on the litter page.

Anne Tove is approved Norwegian Kennel ClubTrinn 1 Instructor and
Norwegian Kennel Club  Figurant and Test Leader  for the functional analysis, character-test and the Mental Description.

We love our dogs, and the puppies born here, and they live as family members.
We only breed from
dogs with excellent hips, elbows and eyes.
Health, mentality and type is important to us.

We feed our dogs with Arden Grange

E-mail: cichla@online.no or Cell: +47 922 05059
marenmitchell@hotmail.com or Cell 0047 90829109