Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes OK, 61,5 cm
2004.06.01  2015.01.15

Official MH (mental description) 2009-09-06 - totally proof of gun shots.
Unofficial Mental test in Norway (Funktions analyse) in 2007 - totally proof of gun shots.
Urza, Best Groenendael adult in Rogaland 2006, no.5 in Norway 2006
Bronze - for Agility class 1

Photo by Linda Eliassen

Urza was the ultimate Dog. She had stylish exterior with many excellent details. She had a strong mentality and a special personality. Her favourite praises were toys and to struggle/compete for them. Urza had an enormous working ability.

We want to thank Carin & Anders Lyrholm for this lovely creature!