2018.11.08   Three more bikes at the bottom in the Gallery
2018.11.06   New plans
2018.11.04   Zander - BM-2, Junior CAC, DJW 2018
2018.11.03   Zander - BOB, DK-CAC and Junior CAC
2018.09.20   New pictures of Emely and My

NBFK Spesial utstilling Sola 

Revloch Fiddler Green execlent ck 1 ch kl BIM
Cichlas Opium Prime excelent ck 2 ch kl 2bhk...
Cichlas Zeppelin exelent 1 ck jkl 3 bhk Cert junior klubb cert
Cichlas Zander exelent 2jkl
Cichlas Shelby Cobra excelent ck 1 akl 4bhk res cert
Cichlas wargas vg
Cichlas Xarras vg

Cichlas Ruthless Rumour excelent 1 ck ch kl
Cichlas Zarah execlent 1ck jkl
Junior klubb cert
Cichlas Zafira VG 2 jkl
Cichlas willow vg
Cichlas Gucci excelent 2 chkl

Cichlas oppdretter BIS
Zarah, Zafira, Zeppelin og Zander
Avlsklasse BIS 2
Cichlas Ruthless Rumour
Zafira Zarah Zeppelin og Zander

2018.09.15   NKK Stavanger

Cichlas Zander excelent 1jkl ck Cert BIM
Cichlas Zeppelin excelent 2jkl
Cichlas Opium 1chkl ck cacib 2bhk
Cichlas Shelby Cobra execlent 1 åpkl

Cichlas Wargas 2 vg åpkl
Cichlas Zarah excelent 1 jkl
Cichlas Zafira vg 2 jkl

2018.08.27   Pictures of the C-litter and the D-litter

Sunday judge Dusan Penovi 
Cichlas Zarah BOB puppy BIG 3
Cichlas Karras BOB


Saturday judge Elina happeniemie
Cichlas Zarah ( Xhathe × Ruth) white female
Cichlas Karras BOB 

2018.06.30   Our Groenendael litter is born

Denmark. Judge: George Kostopoulos 
Cichlas Xara cq CAC junior CAC  BOS, BOB junior, Danish Junior champion


Denmark. Judge: Tamas Jakel
Cichlas Xara  cq CAC, junior CAC, BOB junior, BB-3
Coppie cq veteran CAC BOB, BOB veteran and Veteran Champion 

2018.06.07   New pictures of Zhakira and Brando Affen

Cichlas Zander BOB puppy
Cichlas Montana Nordic CAC, BOB
Cichlas Xara BB-3 res-CAC


Hans Van der Berg 
Cichlas Xarras excellent cq CAC junior CAC BOB junior 2bb 
Cichlas Xara vg
Coppie excellent 


Rob Douma 
Cichlas Xarras vg
Cichlas Xara vg
Coppie excellent cq veteran CAC BOB veteran 3bb


Cichlas Xarras excellent
Cichlas Xara excellent cq junior CAC 4bb BUT junior 
Coppie excellent cq veteran CAC BOB veteran 2 bb 

2018.05.01   New pictures of Ruth, Wifi and in the Gallery
2017.04.15   New pictures of Zander
2017.03.31   New plans

Our daughter has been involved in our kennel for many years and has now become a co-owner in the kennel.
Maren studies law at the University of Stavanger and lives in Haugesund with her boyfriend Espen and their dog Cichla’s Ruthless Rumour (Ruth).
She is a certified ringsteward for the Norwegian kennel Club and certified figurant for mental tests.

2017.03.17   Results from NKK Kristiansand, Judge Bente Harlem
BOB cacib Cichlas Montana 
4bb BOB veteran Coppie 
Xarras exc3 jun.cl
Xara exc2 jun.cl
Gucci exc3 veteran 
2017.03.07   New pictures of Zander
2017.02.24   New pictures of Xara and Wolcan
2018.01.14   New pages for the Y-litter and new Groenendael plans
One Affenpinscher male and one Groenendael female for sale
2018.01.09   New pictures of the Z-litter
2018.01.02   New pictures of the Y-litter (affenpinscher)
2017.12.21   New pictures of the Y-litter (affenpinscher) and the Z-litter (groenendael)
2017.12.12   New pictures of the Y-litter (affenpinscher) and the Z-litter (groenendael)
2017.11.23   New pictures of the Affen- and Groen-litters
2017.11.20   New pictures of Vegha
2017.11.15   Groen-puppies are born
2017.11.01   Affenpinscher Puppies are born
2017.09.18   New plans
2017.09.13   New pictures of Gucci, Emely, Xaran, Wifi, Urza Affen, Twist, Ruth and My. Also some new pics of the garden.
2017.09.10   NKK International, judge: freddy Sten Kristensen Norway
Cichlas Xara BIR valp  BIG 
Cichlas Shelby Cobra  0 på grunn av størrelse målt 69,5 
Cichlas Opium Prime exelent ck 4bhk
Cichlas Hr Bailey 3bhk ck BIM
Cichlas Nossa 3btk ck cert res cacib Norsk champion
Cichlas Oracle Pride exelent 4 åpen klasse
Cichlas Gucci 2btk Ck BIR veteran 
2017.09.09   Breed speciality Stavanger.
Cichlas Xaras BOB BIS puppie
Cichlas Wingmann exelent  2 junior
Cichlas Wolcan exelent 3 junior
Cichlas Wargas vg
Cichlas Opium Prime BOS
Cichlas Shelby Cobra exelent 1 open clas
Revloch Fiddler Green 2bm
Cichlas Karras 3bm
Cichlas Hr Bailey exelent BOS veteran
Cichlas willow vg 1 junior
Cichlas Wiwa vg 3 junior
Cichlas Wanga vg 4 junior
Cichlas Oracle Pride 1 open Clas ck
Cichlas Kaos to Denmak 1 champion Clas 2bb
Cichlas Ruthless Roumor 4 champion Clas
Cichlas Gucci 3 Veteran
Copyright  2b veteran 4bb 
Copyright Best in Show progny group: Karras, Kaos,Opium,Oracle
Kennel Cichla BEST IN SHOW Breeders group: Karras Kaos Opium Oracle
2017.07.25   New pics of My, Vegah, Shiva
2017.07.23   New pictures of Opium Prime
2017.04.13   New plans
2017.03.12   New pictures of Oracle Pride, Woopi, Wingman, Xara, Urza Affen, Xaran, Xarras, Wifi, Willow, Wargas, Coppie, Ruth,
2017.03.07   New pictures of Vegah, Xara, Xaran and Wolcan
2017.02.11   new pictures of Shelby
2017.02.04   New pictures of Opium Prime, father of the W-litter
2017.02.02   New pictures of the W-litter, 7 weeks old
2017.01.06   New pictures of the W-litter, 5 weeks old
2016.12.29   New picture of the X-litter
2016.12.28   New pictures of the W-litter, 4 weeks old
2016.11.29   The puppies from Opium Prime and Happiness are born

Vi venter to spennende kull nå i desember. Se planer
Kull nr 1 Australske import Beljekalis Happiness & Cichla`s Opium Prime

det er bekreftet ved røntgen 8 valper forventet fødsel 1 desember

Kull nr 2 er Cichla`s Kaos to Denmark & Jomeylo di Terra Meiga

det er bekreftet 4 valper på ultralyd, forventet fødsel 23 desember
We are expecting two exciting litters in December. see plans
No. 1 Australian import Beljekalis Happiness & Cichla`s Opium Prime
confirmed by ultrasound, 8 puppies, expected birth December 1
No. 2 is Cichla`s Kaos to Denmark & Jomeylo di Terra Meiga
confirmed by ultrasound 4 puppies, expected birth December 23

2016.11.09   Denmark: Cichla's Nike was BOB with CACIB and Nordic Winner, Copyright was Danish Veteran winner Saturday and Nordic Veteran Winner on Sunday.
2016.08.25   New pictures of Cichla`s Pøbel Affen, Sol, My and Twist.
2016.07.03   The T-litter boys have got their own pages. see Litters
2016.06.01   New pics of Shiva, Kaos and the T-litter's got it's own page.
2016.05.13   New pictures of Shiva
2016.05.06   T-litter is born. 4 males
2016.04.26   New pictures of Goya
2016.03.31   Cichla's Kana is in whelp, confirmed with ultrasound. Look at plans
2016.02.28   Cichla's Kashmir exc 1, CAC, BB-1 BOS. National Fundao Portugal. Judge Otakar Vondrous
2016.02.27   Cichla's Opium Prime BOB and BIG-2
Cichla's Kashmir exc 1, CAC, BB-1 BOB, BIS-2 Special show Portugal, judge: Myriam Vermeire
2016.02.23   Sintra HD A / ED 0. Congratulations to Sintra's owner.
2016.02.20   Beljekali's Happiness Excellent
2016.02.14   Denmark: Cichla's Nike was BOB with CC and CACIB in Denmark today and became Danish Champion Judge: Carsten Birk
Etne: Cichla's Shelby Excellent i junior klasse, Cichla's Opium Prime Cert BIM og ble da Norsk og dansk Champion
Tervueren: Cichla's Me Me the red Rainbow cert BIM
2016.02.08   New pics of Maverick
2016.01.31   New photos of Shiva
2016.01.23   New photo of Spartacus
2015.11.28   Breed speical show. Judge: Sandra Duback
Cichla's Kana, Club CAC, Club Champion, BOB
Cichla's Goya, BB-2, CAC, Danish Champion
Cichla's Nike, CAC, BOS
2015.11.14   New photo of Falken
2015.11.01   Denmark:
3 btk Cichla's Kana
4 btk Cichla's Kaos
Happiness 5 cert
Nike exc 1 ocl, CQ
Karras exc 4 chkl CQ
Happiness Exc 1 open CQ
Best breeders group
2015.10.31   Denmark:
Happiness Exc 1 open CQ BB-5 CAC
Irish VG
2015.10.18   New pictures of Alva and My

NBFK speciality Stavanger 27.09.15
Judge ; Dominique Arsene, France
we are very proud of our dogs,and our breeding
Cichla`s Karras BOB BIS 2
Cichla`s Sintra BOB BIS puppy
Cichla`s Ruthless Rumour cq CAC 4th BB
Revloch Fiddler Green cq 2nd BM vinner of Olavs minnepokal and best foreign bred dog 
Revloch Irish Mist cq CAC 3rd BM 
Beljekali Happiness cq, 2nd BB
Copyright BOB BIS 2 veteran 3th BB 
Aras De Bruine Buck BOS Veteran
kennel Cichla progeny group BIS
kennel Cichla breeders group BIS

2015.09.22   Fiddler, Opium og Oracle har gjennomført MH med 1 og 2 på skudd og vi er kjempefornøyde med dere gjennomgang 

Gratulere til Kristin Monsen med Gucci, og det ble ett flott feilfritt løp og Nr.1 med Rune Monsen som fører ! 

2015.09.15   Affenpinscher puppies are expected, New pictures of Montesa
2015.09.10   New picture of Kashew

Cichla's Maverick got his canine good citizen cgc and Winner one a show yesterday that was 1 point to his Champion titel 

2015.08.26   New pictures of Fiddler

judge: Rui Alves Monteiro Portugal
Fiddler 1-1 ck 1bhk BOS
Cichla's Karras 1-2 ck 2bhk
Cichla's Nike 1-1 ck cert 3 bhk
Cichla's Opium Prime 1-1 ck res cert 5 bhk
Copyright 1-1 vet ck 1 btk BOB BIS BOB vet BIS vet BIS overall over the BIS dog saturday
Cichla's Gucci 1-1 ck 2btk
Cichla's Kana 1-2 ck klubb cert 3btk
Cichla's Ruthless Roumer 1-1 ck 5 btk res cert
BIS progeny group Copyright
BIS 2  breeders group


judge ;Abel Renard, Belgian
Karras 1-1 ck 1bhk BOS
Fiddler Green 1-2 ck 2 bhk
Opium Prime 1-1 ck 4 bhk cert
Gucci 1-1 ck cert Dansk Champion BOB BIS 4
Cichla's Kana 1-2 ck klubb cert 2btk
Cichla's Ruthless Roumer 1-1
Copyright 1ck BOB veteran BIS veteran
BIS Progeny Group
BIS breeders group Kennel Cichla

2015.06.25   New picture of Knerten
2015.06.24   Beljekali Happiness is x-rayed HD A/A, ED 0/0
2015.06.20   Crufts qualifying at DKK international In Vejen today. judge Dagmar Klein
N DK Dw-14 AD Cichla`s Karras BOB CACIB Crufts qualified 
Cichla`s Ruthless Rumour CAC BOS Crufts qualified (too young for cacib)

Cichla's Gucci: Nr.1 med 200 poeng av 200 mulige. Nå har hun alle nappene til klasse 2.

2015.06.13   Cichla's Gucci: Rally Obedience Place 3, 171 p, 2nd Q to next class
Welcome home to our new Affenpinschers, "Alva" and "My".
New pictures of Hezura.
2015.06.04   New pic of Shiva
2015.05.28   New pictures of Kaos and Pernille
2015.05.19   Cichla's Maverick has become Canadian Champion

s.r. N DK ch Leipzig sieger 12 Copyright BIS 2 Veteran
N DK ch NordW-14 AD Revloch Fiddler Green exe ck 3 bhkl
Cichla`s Rush  BIS speciality class
Cichla`s Ruth exe ck
N DK CH NJW-12 DW-14 AD Cichla`s Karras exe ck
DKCH KBHV- 14  Cichla`s Kana exe ck 2 btk ck BIM Champion class
DK CH NO CH INT CH(u) KVHV-13 DK V-14 DKK V-14 KLBV-13 KLBV-14 NORD V- 14 Cichla`s Kaos exe ck 3 btk
BIS Progeny group (after Copyright)
BOB/ BIS 2 Breeders group

2015.05.02   New pictures of Riviera and Kaos
2015.05.01   New pictures of House, Hezura, Dølle, Shiva, Sydney, Shelby Cobra, Spartacus, Pobel Affen and a New gallery from Evje-14
SBK: Congrats to Kristin Monsen with Nuch Cichla`s Gucci  No. 1 jump kl. 2, and no.5 agility kl.2
2015.04.29   New pictures of Riviera and Sydney
2015.04.26   DKK Roskilde international
Cichla's Montana BIR Cacib Crufts kvalifisering
Fiddler BIM Cacib Crufts kvalifisering
Karras 2 bk res Cacib
Opium 4 bhk res cert
Ruth Exelent
2015.04.25   DKK Roskilde internattional
Ruthless Rumour 1-1
Montana 1-1ck cert Cacib BIM
Opium Prime 1-1
Karras 1-1 ck Cacib BIR
Fiddler 1-2 ck res Cacib

NKK international show Bergen Judge Carsten Birk,Denmark
Cichla`s Opium Prime CAC,CACIB, BOB
Cichla`s Oracle Pride Exellent
Cichla`s MeMe exellent


Speciality Bergen,Judge Cath Bond,England
Karras  BOS and BIS 3 champion
Raven  very promising puppy
Oracle VG2
Opium excellent

2015.03.31   Optimus Prime: AA A    HD C  øyenlyst fri
2015.03.29   Utställning i Varhaug. Domare Kuzelj Denis Bulgaria
Cichla's Ruthless Rumour BOB, BIG
Cichla's Optimus Prime CAC, BOS
2015.03.28   Utställning i Varhaug. Domare Hanne Laine Jensen.
Cichla's Ruthless Rumour BOB, BIG-3.
Cichlaäs Optimus Prime CAC, BOS

Fiddler ble i dag pappa til 3 hanner og 2 tisper ;) Grattis !!!!!

2015.03.12   New pictures of the S-babies
2015.02.22   NKK Bø: NO UCH Cichla's Montana, ex 1, CQ, CACIB, BIM. Judge: Joyce Crawford Manton (Ireland)
2015.02.15   Bare 17 mnd bestod De anleggstesten Cichla's Oracle Pride  gratulere Rolf og Bente og Cichla's Opium Prime gratulere Dan Kristian og Malin Sender
2015.02.09   New pictures of Copyright, Fiddler, Ruth, Kana and Kashew.
2015.01.31   New puppies are born. New picture About Us
2015.01.23   New pictures of Gurki
2015.01.20   New pic of Montaña
2015.01.02   Hezura has moved to a new home in Sweden. Thank you Solveig, for giving Zura a new home.
2014.11.22   Danmark julespesialen, domare Wilma Roem, Holland
Revloch Fiddlers Green, BIR, Cert, BIS-2 og Champion i Norge og Danmark
NJW 12 DKW 14 NUCH DKCH AD Cichla's Karras, 2 bhkl
Cichla's Nike (Ella og Ian) Exc
DKCH Djw12 KBHV 14 Cichla's Kana, BIM Club Cert
KBHV 13 DKW 14 Dkch Nuch Cichla's Kaos to Denmark, 2 btkl
Cichla's Oracle Pride 3 btkl, Cert
Hp oppdretter klasse med K ene og Oracle

Nytt foto på Kaos


Resultat Norsk vinner : Marion Ten Cate
Kennel Cichla Beste oppdretter
NJW 12 DKW 14 NUCH DKCH AD Cichla's Karras 2 chk ck 3 bhk
Revloch Fiddlers Green  1 åpenklasse ck 4 bhk
Nuch NV -05 NVV-11 DVV-12 Navar Mylla V't Groenveld  1vk ck Norsk veteran Vinner 14
Nuch Cichla's Furza 1 chkl ck 3 btk
KBHV 13 DKW 14 Dkch Nuch Cichla's Kaos to Denmark 3 chkl ck
Nuch Cichla's Montana 4 chkl ck

Nordisk winner  : Jeff Luscott
Kennel Cichla's beste oppdretter
NJW 12 DKW 14 NUCH DKCH AD Cichla's Karras 3 chk
Revloch Fiddlers Green  1 åpenklasse ck 1 bhk Cac Cacib BIR Nordisk winner 14
Nuch NV-05 NVV - 11 DVV -12 NVV -14 Navar Mylla V't Groenveld  1 vk ck Nordisk veteran vinner 14 BIR veteran
Nuch Cichla's Furza 4 chk ck
KBHV -13 DKW -14 Dkch Nuch Cichla's Kaos to Denmark 1chkl 1 btk Cacib BIM  Nordisk winner 14 (C.I.E to be approved) Congratulations to her owner Kit.
Nuch Cichla's Montana 2 chkl ck 2 btk res Cacib

2014.11.09   New pics of Ruth, Rush, Riddle, Raven, Riviera, Oriental, Nossa, Kasanga, Fiddler and Coppie
Utställning Stord:
Revloch's Irish Mist BIR valp
Cichla's Rush Nr. 2 valp
Cichla's Karras BIR OG BIG 4
Shathena's Hunter, 2 beste hannhund, cert
Cichla's Me Me, cert og bim terv

Duch Nuch KBHV 13 Cichla's Kaos to Denmark BOB Cacib Danish winner 2014
Nuch Duch Njw12 Cichla's Karras BOS Cacib Danish Winner 2014
Djw12 KBHV 14 Cichla's Kana 2 bb Cac res Cacib and Danish Champion today Congratulations to Helle !
Fiddler exe ck
4 of Aras  offspring got a title today;
BOB Kaos to Denmark Danish vinner 2014
BOS Karras Danish vinner 2014
Shathena's Hunter 3 bm Cac best junior and Danish Junior vinner 2014 2bb
Kana Cac and then Danich Champion today ;)

2014.11.01   DKK:
Nuchdch Njw -12 Cichla's Karras BOB Cacib
Duch Nuch Cichla's Kaos to Denmark BOS Cacib
Djw-12 KBHV 14 Cichla's Kana 3 bb ck res Cac
2014.10.29   A picture of a bike from the past, Suzuki T350 II -71

Nye planer for Cichla's Kana x Cichla's Caro

2014.10.20   New pictures of Rumour, Riddle and Fiddler
2014.10.10   Gratulere med 3 års dagen til K kullet
2014.09.14   Rush har reist,  lykke til Vidar Fredriksen
2014.09.13   Nya foton på Happiness, Naruto, Aras, Oracle, Riddle, Riviera, Rush and Rumour
Raven reiste i dag, lykke til Mattis med henne
2014.09.11   Foton på Oriental Pride och Montana
2014.09.07   Cichla's Opium Prime  1 junior ck 4bh res cert
Cichla's Karras Exelent uplasert i Champion kl / 
Aras de Bruine Buck Exelent uplasert i Champion kl
Navar 1 veteran 2 bhkl BIR vet BIS vet BIS Hedersveteran 
Cichla's Oracle Pride ( helt naken)  vg
Beljekali's Happiness åpen klasse Exelent
Cichla's Kana  1 åpen kl Exelent ck 
Cichla's Nossa vg 
Cichla's Kaos  3 Champion kl Exelent 
Cichla's Gucci  Exelent 
Cichla's Montana  Exelent 
Cichla's Darcy veteran vg
Avls kl Aras !
BIS avl
Shathena's Hunter

BIS Oppdretter 
Opium Prime

Karras NM hopp AG 1
Gucci NM AG 3

Evje Specialen, dommer: Thommas Nallin

Cichla's Opium Prime Exelent 3 i junior klassen
Revlock Fiddler Green 1 åpen kl ck 2 bhkl cert BIR åpen
Cichla's Karras Exelent uplasert i Champion kl
Aras de Bruine Buck Exelent uplasert i Champion kl
Navar 1 veteran ck 3 bhkl BIR veteran BIR hedersveteran og BIS veteran
Cichla's Oracle Pride ( helt naken) Exelent
Beljekali's Happiness åpen klasse Exelent
Cichla's Kana 1 åpenklasse Exelent
Cichla's Nossa åpenklasse vg rød pels
Cichla's Kaos nr 2 Champion kl ck nr 4 i btk
Cichla's Gucci Exelent 4 ? Champion kl
Cichla's Montana Exelent uplasert i Champion kl
Cichla's Darcy veteran vg ( ingen pels )
Avls kl Aras ! BIS avl   
Oppdretter kl Nr 2 lørdag (Karras Kana Kaos Oracle)

Karras NM hopp AG 1
Gucci NM AG 3

2014.08.28   Pictures of the R-litter, 6 weeks
2014.08.21   New photos of Revloch Irish Mist
2014.07.27   Cichla's Opium Prime, Cert BIR
Cochla's Oracle Pride, Cert, BIM
Beljekali Happiness VG
2014.07.26   Cichla's Pernille Affen, BIR-valp. Domare Benny Blid
Cichla's Opium Prime CK, Cert, BIR
Beljekali Happiness, CK, Cert, BIM
Cichla's Oracle, 2brkl CK, res-cert
Domare: Olga Sinko Kupriyanova
2014.07.25   Cichla's Oracle Pride, Cert/BIR,
Beljekali Happiness, Exc.
Cichla's Opium Prime, Exc
Domare Benny Blid
    Irish has come to Norway. Thank you to Helle and Lars for taking him to Norway and for having him in Denmark until he was ready to come. Good luck with Irish Randi.
2014.07.11   Cichla's Montana BOS
2014.07.05   New pictures of Shathena's litter from Aras, Pøbel Affen, Oriental Pride, Montana, Fiddler, Karras, Kaos, Irish Mist got her own page
2014.06.29   Danish Special show:
BOB and BIS: Cichla's Kaos to Denmark
CAC, 2 bhkl: Revloch Fiddlers Green
BIS Baby: Revloch Irish Mist
4 bhkl: Cichla's Karras
Exc 3 junkl, CQ: Beljekali Happiness
4 btkl: Cichla's Goya
Exc1 open CQ: Cichla's Kana
Exc2 open CQ: Cichla's Kashew
Exc 4: Cichla's Killi
Exc4 chkl, CQ: Cichla's Montana
Exc1 junkl: Cichla's Optimus
BOS-vet CQ: A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza
BIS progeny group: Aras de Bruine Buck
BIS breeders group: Kennel Cichla
2014.06.28   Danish Special show:
Results from the Danish breed speciality today, judge: Trevor Wheeler, GB.
BOB and BIS: Cichla's Kaos to Denmark
BOS and CAC: Revloch Fiddlers Green
BM-2: Cichla's Karras
BH-4: Aras de Bruine Buck
BB-3 and res-CAC: Cichla's Kana
Exc2 open CQ: Cichla's Kashew
Exc 3 chkl; Cichla's Goya
Exc-4 chkl: Cichla's Montana
Exc. Beljekali Happiness
BIS baby: Revloch Irish Mist
BOS veteran: A-Te-Ell's madame Urza
BIS progeny group: Aras de Bruine Buck
BIS breeders group: Kennel Cichla

1 jumping class, 3 agility class: Cichlas Killi
2 jumping class, 6 agility class: Cichlas Karras
5 jumping class: Aras de Bruine Buck

Irish er min 25 års bryllupsgave fra Morten og han er på vei til Danmark fra Irland , Takk til Jean og Paul. Takk til Helle som skal ha Irish hos seg til han kan komme inn i Norge ;)

2014.06.21   DKK, Kaos BIR , Kana exellent ck , Fiddler exellent
2014.06.17   Namn och bilder på Elghundsvalparna
2014.06.07   Cichla's Montana, Cert, BIR, Champion

Tyskland: Cichla's Kaos to Denmark cert Cacib Bir
Cichla's Kana 2 btk res cert res Cacib

2014.05.31   NKK Drammen, Domare Sonny Ström
Revloch Fiddlers Green 1-2 unghundklasse
Beljekali Happiness 1-1 junior klassen
Cichla's Killi 1 pl hopp 1 stor og napp/pinne ;)
2014.05.29   AfBV/SLO  Ivö/Sverige
BIS avl Aras, med Cichla's Kaos, Kana, Karras og shathena's Hunter
BIS oppdrett Cichla's Goya, Kaos, Kana, Karras
BIS 2 åpenklasse Cichla's Kana
BIS veteran og BIS hedersveteran Urza
Revloch Fiddler  1-1 unghund
Karras 2 bh ch ck 2bhkl
Aras 1-3 chkl
Beljekali Happiness 1-2 junior ck
Kana 1-1 ck BIS 2 åpenklasse 4 btk
Kaos 1-1chkl ck BIM
Goya 1-3 chkl ck 3 btk
Urza 1-1 vet ck  BIR VET BIS BIS hedersveteran ;)
2014.05.17   New plans
2014.05.06   Maverick is x-rayed with excellent hips and normal elbows. Congratulations to the owners.
2014.04.06   Utst rasspecial Bergen
Cichla's Karras 1bhkl
Revloch Fiddlers Green 4 bhkl res-cert, ny bild
Cichla's Nossa Exc
Cichla's Opium Prime 1 bhkl BIM-valp
Cichla's Optimus Prime 2 bhkl
Cichla's Oriental Pride BIR og BIS-valp, Nya
2014.04.05   Utst NKK Bergen
Cichla's Karras Cert, CACIB, Norsk och Dansk Champion
Revloch Fiddlers Green Exc
Cichla's Nossa VG
2014.02.24   Utst NKK Bø
Cichla's Montana 2btk ck res cert og res Cacib
Cichla's Karras 1-1 åpen klasse
2014.02.09   Utst Ölen:
Revloch Fiddlers Green BIM med cert
Cichla's Nossa BIR med cert
Cichla's Oracle Pride BIR valp
Cichla's Optimus Pride BIM valp
2014.02.04   New pictures of Indian Affen, Joline and Oriental
2014.01.26   New pictures of Montana, Oriental, Joan Jett, Kaos and Joline.
2014.01.24   New pictures of Nossa, Oriental and Optimus and Oracle
2014.01.01   Bilder på Affen-valparna
2014.01.01   Cichla's Bernard "reno" died the day before yesterday

Electra er død av et hjerneslag kun 6 år gammel ! Våre tanker går til hennes eier Bjørg og familien !

2013.11   DKK
Kaos - Cert, Champion Norway and Denmark, BOB, BIS-2
Kana exc3 op.cl
Nike exc1 jun.kl
2013.11.17   NKK Lilleström
Karras VG
Nossa junior klassen, VG
Fiddler 2 i junior klassen med exellent
Goya 3 btk med ck i Champion klassen
Urza 2 bt vet kl ck 4 btk
2013.10.17   New picture of Karras
2013.10.16   New plans
2013.10.15   Bilder på O-kullen
2013.10.10   K kullet er 2 år i dag !
2013.10.04   New pictures of Karras, Killi and MeMe
2013.10.01   New pic of Urza
2013.09.28   New pictures of Maverick and Fargas
Revloch Fiddlers Green, CQ, 3rd Best Male at the speicality in Bergen
2013.09.22   Cichla's Kaos CQ, CAC, BOB, Cacib and Copenhagen Winner 2013 today

Special show, judge: Rui Mont Alves
Cichla's Me me the red Raibow in young class vg ( tervueren)
Cichla's Naruto excellent 2 in junior class
Revlock Fiddlers Green excellent 1 in junior class ck res Cac and 3 best male
Cichla's Karras excellent 1 in young class ck Cac and 2 best male
Aras de Bruine Buck exellent ck best male BOS
Cichla's Nossa excellent 1 junior class ck res Cac and 4 best female BIS 2 Junior
Cichla's Montana excellent 1 young class ck Cac and 2 beste  female BIS young dog
Cichla's Goya excellent 2 Champion class ck 3 beste female
Cichla's Gucci excellent 3 Champion class
These 4 females was our breeders group and we were BEST IN SHOW with them. Two daugthers and two grand daughters out of sr Nuch Duch A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza ;)


Fiddler excellent og vinner av junior klasse, Nkk cert og BIM på sin første utstilling som junior
Hr Bailey excelent og vinner av åpen klasse,
Karras exe,ent og vinner av unghund klassen
Naruto vg i junior klassen
Montana excelent ck vinner av unghundklassen res cert og 3btk

Coppie fick valper 3 hanner og 2 tisper alle sorte

2013.08.24   Cichla's Caro got CAC and CACIB in Poland, now waiting for the C.I.E-title to be approved by the FCI,
2013.08.13   New pictures of Indian Affen
2013.08.07   New pictures of Kashew and Maverick. Puppies for sale
2013.07.15   We had Copyright mated to Chevys Fargas 
2013.07.10   New pictures of Fiddler

Resultater fra Nesbyen 

Lørdag for willemine V D

BIR BIS 2 valp Cichla's Naruto Very Prom
2 bt valp Cichla's Nossa Very Prom
Unghund kl Vg Cichlas Karras, ( for tynn ) 
exelent Cichla's House
Cichla's Kaos to Denmark excelent 2 bt uh kl 
Copyright excelent Champion kl 
Urza excelent nr 2 veteran 

Søndag for Pauline S H

BIM valp Cichla's Naruto Very Prom
2 bt valp Cichla's Nossa Very Prom
BIM unghund, 4 bhkl excelent ck cert, 
House 3 bhkl excelent ck 
Kaos to Denmark excelent ck 2 bhkl 
Copyright 4 btk ck 
Urza 2 vet excelent ck 

2013.05.26   Bandit har bestått sin 4 re godkjenning 10,5 år og at Naruto har bestått Bronsemerket i lydighet med 175 poeng av 180 mulige ! 
2013.05.24   New pictures of Fiddler
2013.05.19   New pictures of Kashew and Naruto
2013.05.09   AfBV/SBO Ivö
BIS Puppy Cichla`s Nike
BIS 2 NJV-12 Cichla`s Karras
BIS Breeder Group Kennel Cichla`s
BIS Progeny Group Kennel Cichla`s
BOS young dog and 3 BB NordV-12 Cichla`s Kana
BOS Champion N DK PT Cichla`s House
Cichla`s Khaos to Denmark  exc 2 young CQ
Cichla`s Gucci  exc 3 open CQ
Aras de Bruine Buck CQ BM-3
Judge: Marion ten Cate
2013.05.04   DKK Roskilde - Cichla's House CAC, CACIB, BOB, Danish Champion (Int. Champion "C.I E")
2013.05.02   New pics of Killi and a new page: "Travelling"
2013.04.29   NPPK Show Norway, judge: Paul Lawless
Cichla's Karras CAC/BOS, A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza BOB/BIG/BOB-veteran, Cichla's Gucci CAC, BB-3, Cichla's Nossa BOB/BIG

Cichla's Naruto BOB puppy  Oslo  judge W.Van Deil
Cichla's Nike BOB puppy BIS 2  Danish specialty
Cichla's Kaos CAC BOB BIS 2   Danish specialty
Cichla's Kana 2 BB res CAC  Danish speciality
Cichla's Nossa BOB puppy BIG 2 SBK   Judge: Jean Lawless
Cichla's Gucci CAC 2 BB SBK SBK  Judge: Jean Lawless
Ateell's Madame Urza BOB BIG 3 BOB veteran SBK  Judge: Jean Lawless
Cichla's Karras CAC BOS SBK Judge: Jean Lawless
Cichla's Dølle Ex. SBK  Judge: Jean Lawless
Cichla's Caro Ex. 2 BM SBK  Judge: Jean Lawless

2013.04.17   Ny bild på Gurki

Gucci agility resultat:
13 april - Nr. 1, feilfritt agility klasse 2
14 april - Nr. 2, 5 feil hopp klasse 2

2013.04.13   New pictures of Aras, Kaos and Kana

Cichla's Neo is exported to Suzanne and Justin Harbour, Australia  and Cichla's Natasha exported to Diego Oliones Guilherme, Brazil
New photos of Montaña and

2013.03.28   New pictures of Naturo
2013.03.17   NKK International Kristiansand
Cichla's House: CAC, CACIB, Champion !, BOB
A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza: CK, BOB-veteran and BOS
2013.03.06   Aras har parret Pearl og venter valper 3 Mai
2013.03.02   New pictures of Caro and his new toy
2013.02.24   House is in Norway for show and stud, to the right bitches. He'll go back to Portugal in Septemeber

Det har vært agility stevne i helgen og Gucci debuterte i klasse 2. Hon har nesten ikke fått trent i vinter, pga av is på agilitybanen
Første hopp løpet vant Gucci, feilfritt og første napp til klasse 3.

2013.02.12   New pictures of Nellie
2013.02.07   New pic of Nossa
2013.01.26   New pictures of Maverick
2013.01.24   New pictures of the N-litter
2013.01.13   New pictures of the N-litter
2012.12.03   New pictures of Mr Athos
2012.11.27   The puppies are born
2012.11.17   New pictures of Montaña, spesialen i Danmark Kaos 2 btk cert, Kana 3 btk res cert
2012.11.11   Cichla's Montana ble i dag BIR valp for Kitty Sjong, i Kongsberg
2012.11.05   New picture of Flinga
2012.11.04   Nordisk Vinnarutställning i Herning
Karras exe 3 i junior kl, Aras 1- 2 ck chkl, Navar 1-2 ck veterankl 4 bhkl
Urza 1-2 veterankl  ck 3 btk, Coppie 1-1chkl ck 4 btk
Kana Nordisk Junior vinner, 1-1jkl ck, Kaos 1-2 jkl ck 

Dansk Vinnarutställning i Herning
Urza BIR veteran 4 btk DVV 12 Navar BIM veteran 3 bth, res cert. DVV 12
Aras vg , Coppie exe, Karras vg, Kana vg, Kaos exe 3 junior !

2012.10.31   New pictures of Montaña
2012.10.13   Cichla's Lille Knerten Affen Ble BIR i dag på NKK sitt valpeshow
2012.10.09   Arans son, Kvina's Dream of Magic "Hugin", Konkurrerer i klasse 2 lydighet, Opprykk til klasse C i bruks, Eksteriørbeskrivning godkjent i sverige, MT i løpet av høsten for sin KORAD tittel
2012.09.25   New pictures of Kashew
2012.09.24   New pictures of Aras, MeMe, Urza, Goya and Karras
2012.09.21   New pictures of Aras, Grizzly, Karras, MeMe and Urza
2012.09.19   New pictures of Aras, from France. Thank you Annika (Workaholic)
2012.09.16   Breed special show Stavanger:
BOB and Best In Show: Aras de Bruine Buck
CAC, BM-2: Cichla's Karras
BM-3, BIS-2 veteran: Navar Mylla v't Groenveld
BB-2: Cichla's Ella
BB-3: Cichla's Goya
BB-4: A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza
BOB-puppy and BIS-2 puppy: Cichla's Montaña
Cichla`s Kaos to Denmark BOB and Cert and Cichla`s Kana excellent in junior class Sunday
2012.09.15   NKK Stavanger:
Cichla's Goya: CAC, Cacib, Champion, BOB.
Cichla's Grizzly: CAC, Cacib, Champion, BM-2.
Navar Mylla v't Groenveld: BOS and BOB-veteran
Cichla`s Kaos to Denmark 1 junior ck, 2 bb and Cichla`s Kana excellent in junior class Saturday

Goya har bestått B runderingen i NRH. Hun fant alle 3 gjenstander i sporet men desverre gikk de litt feil på slutten...Men de har minst to forsøk til J
Henning har slitt med hjerte operasjon og overvekt etter det så dette var godt for dem !

2012.09.03   France August 25; Aras - exc ch.kl, passed C.S.A.U, TAN and test de championat with excellent in all parts.
Copyright - exc 4 ch.kl, passed C.S.A.U, with excellent and TAN with TB, selected to s.r. title
Urza - exc 1 vet.kl. (best veteran bitch), C.S.A.U, TAN with TB, selected to s.r. title, 8 years old.
2012.08.30   New pictures of Isengard's Aviator , Aras son in US
2012.08.19   Aras - exc1, Best Male, BOB, CAC, CACIB, VDH Lepizig Sieger 2012, Coppie - exc1, Best Bitch; BOS, CAC, Cacib, VDH Leipzig sieger 2012, Urza - exc1, 2nd Best Bitch, Best veteran
2012.08.18   Urza - exc1, Best Bitch, BOS, Best veteran, BIS-2 veteran (out of 21), Aras - exc1, 2nd Best Male, Coppie - exc1
2012.08.17   New pictures of Goya and Montaña
2012.08.12   Danish Speciality: Aras CQ, BM-2, Copyright CQ, BB-1, BOB, BIS-2, Urza CQ, BB-2, BOB veteran, BIS veteran, Kaos CQ, CAC, BB-3 (Congratulations to Kit Breukelman, kennel Glimbi & Erik Breukelman), Kana CQ, res-CAC, BB-4 (Congratulations to Helle Lundorff Eriksen). Judge: Emanuele Boriero
2012.08.11   Danish speciality: Aras CQ, BM-2 BOB champion, Copyright CQ BB-1, CAC, Champion, BOS, Urza CQ BB-3, BOB-vet and BIS-veteran, Kaos CQ BB-4, Kana CQ BB-5. Judge: Suncica Lazic,
2012.08.03   Lots of new pictrures of Knerten
2012.08.02   New pictures of Maveric
2012.07.22   Lots of new pictrures of Knerten
2012.07.17   New pic of Montaña
2012.07.15   New pictures of Flinga
Kaos BIR og BIG 3 valp i Norge, og Kashmir BIR valp og Lisboa Puppie winner 2012
Aras har også opprykk til kl to Hopp etter Ag uken
2012.07.07   New picture of Flinga
2012.07.01   Honey's Mental desctiption (in Swedish) and a movie
Kaos to Denmark BOB puppy in Norway

Navar datter er på Landslaget i 2011og konkurere i kl 3hopp og Ag,  er Ag cham og hopp champ, Bm Nebula Av Nangijala "Cindy"

2012.06.25   New  plans
2012.06.23   New pictures of MeMe
2012.06.17   New pictures of Kana
2012.06.15   New pictures of the L-litter
2012.06.13   New pictures of Kashew, Montesa, Athos and
2012.06.08   New pictures of Kaos
2012.05.31   New pictures of the M-litter
2012.05.29   Mister Athos got his own page and a niew pic at the M-litter page

Cichla's Kaos to Denmark - BISS puppy both days in Tretten 

2012.05.26   Cichla`s Joline Schera exelent
2012.05.20   New pictures of the M-litter
2012.05.17   Cichla's Kaos to Denmark - BISS puppy at Ivö/Sweden
2012.05.15   New pictures of the L-litter
2012.05.08   New pictures of the M-litter
Nuch NVW-11 NV-05 Navar Mylla v't Groenveld BIR Voksen og Veteran BIG 3 voksen BIS 3 veteran
Cichla`s D`arcy  1btk ck  cert  og BIM  Gratulere til Ragnhild
Cichla`s Irresistible Indian Affen 1bhk ck cert og BIR  :)

Cichla`s Kaos BIR valp på Dkk utstilling i dag
2012.05.05   Nuch NVW-11 NV-05 Navar Mylla v't Groenveld BIR Voksen og Veteran
Cichla`s D`arcy  2btk ck  res cert   
Cichla`s Irresistible Indian Affen 2bhk ck cert BIR Junior
2012.04.27   New pictures of the M-litter
2012.04.20   New pictures of the M-litter
2012.04.15   New pictures of It's An Oceanwild Affen
2012.04.14   Oceanwild Flying Solo fødte 3+1
2012.04.09   Puppies arrived out of Luavjans Bono the One and Furza.
1+4 groenendael and 1+1 tervueren
2012.04.08   New pictures of Furza
2012.04.06   New pics of India
2012.04.02   New pics of Karras from the show

Cichla`s Karras BIR, BIG, BIS4 valp
Cichla`s Killi BIM Valp
Cichla`s Gucci exc.1 open class
Navar Mylla V`t Groenveld  BIR, BIG2 + BIR Veteran
Cichla`s Incredible India Affen  CERT, 2BB

2012.03.31   Lots of new pictures of House
Show results from NMK today
Cichla`s Killi BIR BIG3 Puppy
Cichla`s Karras BIM Puppy
Navar Mylla V`t Groenveld  BIR, BIR veteran
Cichla`s Incredible India  resCAC, 3 BB
2012.03.12   Ultralyd viste valper den 9 mars
Resultat Gucci: Agility kl.1 Nr.3, feilfritt, Hopp kl.1 Nr. 5, feilfritt
New pictures of Kana, Kili and Karras
2012.02.27   New present bikes and a new pic of Kashew
2012.02.19   New pictures of Impossible Indy Affen
2012.02.17   Affen plans updated
2012.02.13   New picture of Happy
2012.02.10   New pictures of Killi
2012.02.07   "Plans" updated
2012.02.06   New pictures of Kaassaaq and Joline
2012.02.04   New picture of Aras son Trouvailles Globe Trekker
2012.01.26   New pictures of Kaos
2012.01.22   New pictures of Karras, Killi, Navar and Aras
2012.01.21   Cichla's Happy can now title himself as American Champion !

Cichla`s Happy was Best of Winners in a 4 point major show
New pictures of Kaassaaq

2012.01.12   New pictures of Killi and Karras
2012.01.09   New pictures of Kashew and Karoh
2012.01.04   New pictures of Jolie and Karoh. Tusen takk for de fantastiske bildene av Karoh.
2011.12.31   New picture of Kana and Kaos in Denmark
2011.12.30   New pictures of Dodger (US) and Karras
2011.12.21   New pic of Kashmir
2011.12.13   New pic of Kashew, 9 weeks old

Celebre Ice was WD for 1 pt Judge: Skip Stanbridge

2011.11.28   New pictures of the K-litter, 7 weeks
2011.11.26   Results from Norwegian Winner Show:
Navar - BM-2, BOB-veteran, NvW-11
Jimi Hendrix - NjW-11
Urza - 4 Best Bitch

Nuch NV-05 NVW-11 Navar Mylla V`t Groenveld eyes clear 26.11.11
2011.11.25   New pictures of the K-litter
2011.11.21   Bajaz was put to sleep today due to an injury whe suffered from her work as a resque dog. Thanks to Inger who gave her life a dignified end.
2011.11.16   New pictures of the K-litter
2011.11.07   New pictures of the K-litter
2011.11.03   New picture of Joline
2011.10.31   Cichla's Happy was shown this weekend:
28.10.11 Friday - judge: Mrs. Linda Robey (Breeder Judge)  Happy was Winners Dog
29.10.11 Saturday - judge: Mrs. Nancy D. Simmons Happy was Winner's Dog for 1 point
30.10.11 Sunday - judge: Mr. Bill R.W Edwards Happy was Best of Winners for 2 points
2011.10.27   New pictures of Amigo, the affen pinscher and new pictures of the K-litter
2011.10.20   New, individual pictures of the K-puppies
2011.10.19   New pictures of the "golden boy" from the U.S.

 Flott jobba Inger og Bajaz  som nå er pensjonert  fra Norske redningshunder etter 6 år og  74 aksjoner


Copyright fødte 3 hanner og 5 tisper. Alle svarte

2011.10.06   Two new pictures of Futura
2011.10.02   Futura got CAC at the Spanish speciality
2011.09.28   New picture of Zizou. Joline, Globe Trekker, Coppie and we have decided what male to use for Ella.
2011.09.26   Aras daughter A-Te-Ell's Corona is x-rayed with A-hips and Cichla's Honey got a Q in agility jumping class.
Some pictures of Zenny, from Aras/Nikki.
A new photo of Coppie.
2011.09.25   New pictures of Isengard's Adalgrim Took in the U.S.
2011.09.14   New pictures of Janis Joplin
2011.09.09   Puppies expected in October
2011.09.05   Aras: nr 2 agility class, nr 4 jumping class


judge Julie Fynmore

Cichla`s Grizzly CK, CAC, BOS
Aras De Bruine Buck CK,2 BM
Cichla`s Caro CK, 3 BM
Navar Mylla V`t Groenveld CK,4 BM, BIS Veteran
Cichla`s Goya CK, 3 BB
Progeny Group (A-Te-Ell`s Madame Urza) (Kennel Cichla) BIS
Breeders Group (Kennel Cichla) BIS

Judge Craig Fynmore
(BIS judge Julie Fynmore)
Navar Mylla V`t Groenveld BOS, BIS Veteran
Cichla`s Caro CK, 2 BM
Aras De Bruine Buck CK, 3 BM
Cichla`s Hr.Bailey CK, CAC
Cichla's Goya CK, res.CAC, 2 BB
Cichla`s Furza CK, 3 BB
Breeders group Kennel Cichla BIS
Progeny Group (Navar) (Kennel Cichla) BIS
2011.08.13   We got a nice card from Rune and Kristin
2011.08.10   New pictures of Urza from the Danish speciality
2011.08.07   Urza was BOB and BIS-4 at the Danish speciality
Coppie was BB-3
2011.08.06   Urza was BOB with CAC, Champion title and BIS-4 at the Danish speciality
2011.08.04   New pics of "Dina", Kvina`s Dawn of Magic
2011.07.31   Cichla`s Grizzly - cert,BIM
Cichla`s Gucci - v.g.

Cichla`s Goya . cert, BIR

Cichla`s Impossible India Affen - cert,BIR

Cichla`s Goya - ck, res-cert BB-2
Cichla`s Gucci - ck, BB-3
Cichla`s Grizzly - ck, CAC, BOS
Cichla`s India - Exc 1 junior class

2011.07.29   New pictures of Gucci
2011.07.27   Cleo (Aras daughter at A-Te-Ell) is x-rayed with excellent hips and elbows, New pics of Chester and pictures of Aras/Emma's puppies in the US
2011.07.13   New pictures of Goya and Urza
2011.07.10   New pictures of Coppie, Ella, Furza, Aras, Urza and Gucci.
2011.07.06   New pics of Jimi, Ella and Coppie. Thank you Karin för the beautiful pictures of Ella and Coppie from Ivö show.
2011.07.04   New pic of Joline Scherà and Jimi Hendrix
2011.07.02   Nikki in the US had 5 males and 2 females out of Aras

NKK Drammen 05.06.2011
Judge Jesper Anderson,Sweden
Cichla`s Hr.Bailey exellent,2 BHK
Cichla`s Gucci exellent
Kvinas Dream of Magic (son of Aras), BIM CK CACIB

2011.06.02   We went to the show at Ivö in Sweden:
Cichla's Hr Bailey - exc2, CK
Aras de Bruine Buck - exc1, CK, BM-3
Cichla's Gucci - exc2, CK
A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza - exc2, CK
Cichla's Furza - exc4, CK
Cichla's Ella - exc1, CK, BB-2
Copyright - exc3, CK
Breeders group - Honorprize
2011.05.18   We got a greeting card from Kristin & Rune, thank you !!
2011.05.16   Happy have been shown in his new country - USA
Both Saturday and Sunday he became 2nd best male in Open class.
2011.05.15   Aras got his American Champion title today!!!
2011.05.09   Aras is now bred to Isengard-n-SumerWynd Nikola
2011.05.03   New results from SBK Jærutstillingen, May 1st.
Gucci - Excellent, CK, CAC and 2nd best female
Joan Jett - BOB puppy
Aras son, Kvinas Dream of Magic "Hugin" got CAC, BOB and became a Norwegian Champion. Aras first Champion offspring! (from his very first litter)
2011.04.19   New photos of the puppies from Aras and Quiz in the US.
2011.04.17   New photos of Jimi Hendrix.
New photos of the
puppies from Aras and Quiz in the US.
2011.03.31   New photos of the puppies from Aras and Rini in the US.
2011.03.30   New photos of Goya's mini master Kaja in the gallery.
New results from
Flash in Russia - shown at Eurasia 2011.03.27
Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
2011.03.25   New link to kennel Revloch, Ireland.
2011.03.20   New litter plans for Aras in the US.
link to kennel Isengard, US.
2011.03.17   Our first litter is 12 years old today! Congratulations!
2011.03.15   New link to Sør Rogaland brukshundklubb
2011.03.13   New photo of Mike, son of Aras.
New photos of
Joan Jett from our latest litter.
2011.03.10   New photos of Joline Scher'a.
2011.03.06   New photos of Gucci and Kasanga.
New result of
Aras in the US.
2011.03.05   Our J-puppies have left for their new homes now. New pages for them all, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett & Joline Scher'a.
2011.03.02   New photos of the puppies from Aras & Quiz in the US.
2011.02.26   New photo of Cleo, daughter to Aras.
New photo of
New photos of the
puppies from Aras and Quiz in the US.
2011.02.20   New photo of Dizel.
2011.02.18   New photo of Bajaz
We have a male available for a new home - Happy !
New photos of our
2011.02.15   Kvina's Dream of Magic (Nero), a son of Aras, has A-hips and 0-elbows. Congratulations.
2011.02.14   New photo of the puppies from Aras & Quiz.
New photos of our
2011.02.11   New photo of Happy.
2011.02.06   Lots of new photos of the Aras*Soya puppies.
A new photo of
Kasanga, 12 years old in March.
2011.02.05   New photos of our puppies from the J-litter, now 4 weeks old.
Photos from the Aras-Quiz
litter in the US.
2011.02.03   Aras got puppies with Rini in the US January 27th. 4 males and 3 females.
Aras got puppies with Quiz in the US February 2nd. 1 male and 6 females (1 tervueren female).
2011.01.29   Lots of new photos of Gucci, thank you Kristin !
We got a lot of prizes for 2010 from your club
Caro was no 1 Best Groenendael in Rogaland 2010 - on results
Kasanga was no 1 Best Groenendael veteran in Rogaland 2010 - on results
Hr.Bailey was no 1 Best Groenendael puppy in Rogaland 2010
Sheik, son of Aras, is x-rayed with A-hips.
2011.01.26   We got the result of Mike's MH (son of Aras, Kvina's Dressed By Magic)
Mike is x-rayed with A-hips and 0/1 elbows.
2011.01.23   New info about us looking for a host for a future import male puppy.
New photos of
Corona, daughter to Aras and Soya at A-Te-Ell's.
2011.01.13   Fronti died of age peacefully in his owners arms, August 2010
2011.01.09   Individual photos of the puppies.
New front
2011.01.08   1 female still available from Aras & Urza litter.
2011.01.06   The J-litter is born !! 1 male & 3 females
Aras de Bruine Buck
Mother: A-Te-Ell's Madame
2011.01.04   New photo of Its'A.
Photos of
Babe, a daughter to Hufsa from a previous litter.
Added House, Happy and Grizzly on the
stud page.
Still 1 female Tervueren puppy avaliable at kennel

The second female bred to Aras in the US is confirmed pregnant by ultra sound.
2011.01.02   New photo of India.
2010.12.29   New photo of Indian.
New breeding plans for
New breeding plans for
Aras. The first female bred to him in the
US is confirmed pregnant by ultra sound.
Urza will give birth about January 5th.
2010.12.18   New photo of Gucci, Indian, India, Indy, Hezura and Urza.
New show results on
Aras, taken in the US.
New info on
Aras matings in the US.
2010.12.12   New photo of Gucci.
New photo of
Cindy, daughter to Navar.
Individual photo also of the
baby boy, Affenpinscher
2010.12.09   The Affen puppies all got their own pages now.
Individual photos of the girls.
2010.12.04   Our friends still has Tervueren puppies for sale, 1 female and 2 males. Born October 16th
More info on our
puppy page and at Certavia's own page as well.
2010.12.01   More results from the NKK show in Lillestrøm, judge Marit Sunde
Kasanga - Excellent, 2nd best female and BOS veteran.
Goya - good
Gucci - good
Grizzly - very good

Ultrasound made on Urza - she is pregnant !

Aras is now bred to SumerWynd Quiz at Trouvaille in the US !

2010.11.29   New photo of Ella from the Show.
House is x-rayed with A-hips and 0-elbows. Congratulations!
2010.11.28   Huge congratulations to Ella - Nordic Winner 2010 !!!
She also got her 3rd CAC (all from NKK) and became Norwegian Champion !
2010.11.22   Gratulere til Maggan och Tuva som har varit och gjort anlagsprov i viltspår. Tuva kan titulera sig eftersökshund med max poäng.
Updated the
Groenendael and Affenpinscher sites, also updated the MC site.
2010.11.17   New photo of the puppies.
Added a
pdf file with an add from the U.S.
2010.11.16   New information about our Affen litter and a new photo!
2010.11.11   Added new plans for Aras future matings.
New bike in the MC
Congratulations to Inger and Bajaz, approved for 2 more years as a Norwegian Rescue team!
2010.11.02   Updated both Aras breeding plans and our own breeding plans.
Added some new info on the
statistic site.
New photo of
Chester, son of Aras.
2010.10.31   Kvinas Dressed by Magic, a son of Aras did his Mental description with 1 on shooting. Congratulations
2010.10.30   Change of plans, see Urza plans for autumn/winter 2010.
Changed name for one of the Affenpincher
2010.10.23   Hr.Bailey is x-rayed with A/A hips and 0/0 elbows.
Hezura is x-rayed with A/A hips and 0/0 elbows.
2010.10.20   The I-litter has got their own individual names.
Hero is x-rayed with A/A hips and 0/0 elbows.
2010.10.19   Our I-litter is born, Affenpincher.
2010.10.15   New photos of Honey.
Photos of
Hufsa, soon to deliver her litter.
Goya is x-rayed with hips A/A.
2010.10.12   New photo of Aras, Urza and Honey.
Happy is x-rayed with hips A/A and elbows 0/0
2010.10.07   New x-ray results on Grizzly and Goya, both has ED 0/0
2010.09.29   Photo of Crazy, daughter of Aras.
2010.09.27   Grizzly is x-rayed hips A/A
Photos of
Chester, son of Aras.
2010.09.22   Honey is x-rayed elbows 0/0.
2010.09.14   Honey is x-rayed hips A/A
Added some more results from the weekend.
Aras agility - Sunday - 4th in jumping and 8th in agility.
Sol - very good in intermediate class.
2010.09.11   Honey is eye checked OK.
New results from NKK show in Stavanger
Caro - Excellent, 2nd best male
Hero - 1/2
Happy - 1/1
Hezura - 1/3
Gucci - 1/1, honor prize
Darcy - 1/3
Furza - Excellent, 2nd best female
Coppie - Excellent
Breeders class - honor prize
Aras - agility 8 and jumping 3:rd
2010.09.10   Ultra sound on Hufza today showed her pregnant !!!
2010.09.08   New photos of Honey.
2010.09.01   Gucci is x-rayed: elbows 0/0
2010.08.31   New photos in our gallery.
2010.08.30   New MCs in the MC album under present bikes.
2010.08.29   New photos of Aras puppies in Sweden (mother is A-Te-Ell's Madame Soya)
New photos of
Added the pedigree of our next
litter, the Affenpincher litter.
2010.08.27   Gucci is x-rayed: hips A/A
2010.08.26   New photos of Caro and his kittens.
2010.08.25   New photos of Flinga.
2010.08.24   New photos of Grizzly.
2010.08.22   Updated plans
Falken has been to a show and got CAC and BOB.
New photo of
Sol, now 1,5 years old.
2010.08.20   New photos of HrBailey, Goya, Ella and Coppie
Thank you so much Merete Greaker !!!
2010.08.15   New results from Oslo NKK Sunday, judge Myriam Vermeire
Aras - Excellent, 3rd best male
Ella - Excellent, Best female, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Norwegian Winner 2010 !!
Coppie - Excellent, 4th best female
New results from Oslo NKK Saturday, judge David Cavill
Aras - Excellent, best male and BOS
Goya - Excellent, 3rd best female
Coppie - Excellent, 4th best female
2010.08.11   New photos of Aras, Goya, Hufsa and Sol.
2010.08.10   3 tisper til salgs etter Aras og Soya hos A-Te-Ell's i Sverige.
There is still 3 females available at kennel
A-Te-Ell's in Sweden. Proud father is our Aras de Bruine Buck
2010.08.07   New show results from Denmark, judge Dirk Spruyt.
Aras - Excellent, CAC, 2:nd best male and DANISH CHAMPION
Urza - Excellent
Coppie - Excellent
2010.08.03   New photos from House in Portugal. Thanks Guilhermina!
2010.07.24   A new photo of the male puppy from Aras and Soya.
2010.07.17   Aras became a father again last evening. Soya got 1 male and 3 females.
2010.07.13   New updates on plans for 2011.
New lovely photos of
Caro and a little kitten in the family. Thanks Sissel !
2010.07.09   New photos of Kasanga, Furza, Sol, Caro and some puppies to Urza.
2010.06.28   New photos of Kasanga and Gucci.
Shathena's Black Diamond, son of Kasanga, got Hips A and Elbows 0.
2010.06.27   Kasanga is now VETERAN WORLD WINNER 2010.
Results from Denmark:
2010.06.24 - Judge Gert Christensen, World Winner Herning
Caro - Excellent, 2nd best male with R-CACIB
Furza - Very Good
Gucci - Excellent, 2nd in Junior
Kasanga - Excellent, 1st Veteran, BOB Veteran, Veteran World Winner 2010

 - Judge Cathy Bond, Breed Special Silkeborg
Furza - Excellent
Gucci - Excellent, 2nd in Junior
Kasanga - Excellent, 1st Veteran, BOB Veterand, BIS-3 Veteran
2010.06.14   We want to show you a Greeting Card we got from friends.
New photos of
2010.06.12   New updates on plans for 2011.
Diploma for Aras' RH title.
2010.06.08   New photo of AT and Coppie.
2010.06.06   New photos of Flinga and Fleur in Sweden.
Thanks to Carro and Janne for the photos.
2010.05.31   New photos of Happy and Chili.
2010.05.30   New photos of Genesis this winter.
2010.05.28   New photos of Hezura, Gucci and Goya. Thanks to Sakke, kennel Taikatalven in Finland.
2010.05.27   New photos of Hr.Bailey, Hero and some photos in the gallery.

Show results from Hemsedal 2010.05.23
HR Bailey - excellent, 1st in junior, CAC, 3rd best male
Hezura - good
Goya - excellent, 2nd in junior
Gucci - excellent, 3rd in junior
Furza - good in champion
Coppie - very good in champion
Urza - very good, 4th in champion
Kasanga - excellent, BOB veteran, BIS-2 veteran, BIS-2 veteran of honor
Breeders group - honor prize, BIS-2

Show results from Hemsedal 2010.05.22
HR Bailey - very good, 4th in junior
Hezura - very good in junior
Goya - excellent, 3rd in junior
Gucci - excellent, 2nd in junior
Furza - very good in champion
Electra - very good in open
Coppie - excellent in champion
Urza - excellent in champion
Kasanga - honor prize, BOB veteran, BIS-2 veteran, BIS-2 veteran of honor
Progeny group Urza - Elektra, Furza, Goya, Gucci got honor prize and Best In Show!!!
Breeders group - honor prize, 2nd group

2010.05.22   Updated our plans for the future, please have a look!
2010.05.19   New photo of Bandit! Thank you Carola.
2010.05.18   Added the Final results from Ivö 2010.05.13
BIS Junior -
BIS Working -
BIS Champion -
BIS-2 veteran -
BIS-2 veteran of honor (over 10 years old) -
Best Foreign owned dog -

New photo of Aras taken at the specialty on Ivö
link to kennel Glimbi in Denmark.
2010.05.13   New show results from Sweden, Specialty on Ivö
Aras - Excellent, 3:rd best male
Coppie - Excellent, 2:nd best female
Urza - Excellent, 5:th best female
Furza - Excellent 3 in champion
Kasanga - Excellent, BOB-veteran
Gucci - Excellent in junior
Grizzly - Excellent in junior
Cichlas breeders group - Honor prize and 2:nd best group (Bandit, Gucci, Furza, Kasanga)
Aras mated A-Te-Ell's Madame Soya Wednesday May 12.
2010.05.12   New photos of Gucci, thanks to Iselin! The photos are just stunning.
New photos of
Coppie and Hezura, thanks to Kristin! The photos are lovely as usual.
2010.05.09   New photos of Aras son: Kvinas Duke of Magic (aka Sheik).
2010.05.08   Congratulations to Frode and Bandit, approved for 2 more years as a Rescue team!
New show resluts !
Caro - Excellent, CACIB, BOB
Furza - Excellent, 2nd best female, CAC, R-CACIB, NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!!!
D'arcy - Excellent
Kasanga - BOB veteran, 4th best female
Cichla's - honor prize breeders group
Aras son, Kvinas
Duke of Magic, got CAC and 2nd best male
2010.05.07   New photos of Honey and Kasanga.
New banner on the
front page and also on the guestbook page. Thanks Carin!
2010.05.03   New health results!
Donita in the US is x-rayed with Hips - Excellent and she had her eyes checked Clear.
Sol was shown in May 1:st. CAC and 2nd best female.
2010.05.02   New results from the show at SBK, Sør Rogaland
Caro - BOB
Furza - CAC
Hr Bailey - BOB puppy and later BIG-3 puppy
Gucci - BOS puppy
Kasanga - BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
2010.05.01   New plans for Aras, he will have a date with A-Te-Ell's Madame Soya in mid May.
New photos of
House in Portugal.
2010.04.28   New plans for Aras, he will have a date in the summer/autumn with
Duchesse Danell`s Panthera v. Giono at kennel Lufaliva
2010.04.26   New photos of King, son of Aras.
2010.04.14   Congratulations to Julia & Flash in Russia:
Russian Champion, RKF Champion and Eurasia Champion
Lots of new photos of
Flash as well.
2010.04.10   Coppie did a Mental Test today, approved "FA" (Function Analysis)
New photo of
Gucci, thank you Klara!
2010.04.05   New address! www.kennelcichla.com
2010.04.01   New photos of Flinga and Fleur.
2010.03.31   New photos and results of House in Portugal.
We have a new family member,
Hufsa the Affenpinscher.
plans for 2011, but no males decided just yet.
2010.03.28   Yesterday Sol was shown with CAC and BOS in Nærbø.
Today she was shown with excellent and 2nd best female.
2010.03.15   Urza and Coppie made their MH (mental deskription) and both are secure of gunshots.
2010.03.12   New photos of Dushi, daughter to Aras (Kvina'a Daughter of Magic).
2010.03.10   New plans for Aras, he will mate Aioli in Sweden, at kennel A-Te-Ell, in 2011.
New photos of
Dina, daughter to Aras (Kvina'a Dawn of Magic).
2010.03.01   Congratulations to Barbro and Tira (Fixa), they got "appellmerke"
2010.02.14   New show results today, from Ølen.
Caro - Excellent, best male, BOB
Happy - honor prize, BOS puppy
Kasanga - honor prize, BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
2010.02.13   New photos of both Gucci and the Aras son Nero
2010.01.30   New fantastic results from House and Futura in Portugal!!!
Porto winner 2010, BOB, CAC, CACIB -
Porto Baby winner 2010, BOB-puppy -

Results from the year counting: Caro, Furza & Urza
2010.01.26   New photos of both House and Futura in Portugal. Thanks to Guilhermina.
2010.01.25   New photos of Grizzly. Thanks to Solveig
2010.01.23   New photos of Mike, son of Aras. Thank you Annelie!
Also new photos of
Aromax, son of Aras. Thanks to Alyn!
2010.01.15   New photo of Caro in the snow.