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Photo taken June 2009


This is old pictures of 
the house from 1930's.

On the photos below you can se our work with the house.
It's tough, but it's a great hobby!

  The new door, window and stairs.
A new roof coming on.


The House, from before The House, now
January 2006 January 2006 January 2006
January 2006


The Kitchen, from before The Kitchen, now


The Livingroom, from before The Livingroom, now


Shed for the wood, soon to be part of the bathroom. The bathroom,
from before
The bathroom, now


Laundry room,
from before
Laundry room The attic Front door
This is our new
fire wall. Nice!
Our bedroom Bedroom
The stairs


Vetle's room, from before


Maren's room, from before





Marius' room, from before
Vetle's room now
January 2006


Maren's room now


Marius' room now, combined with TV- and computer room