Dogs at home:

(Lesley du Bruine Buck)



Dogs on breeding terms or co-owned:

(Beljekali Happiness)

(Cichla's House)

(Revloch Fiddlers Green)

(Cichla's Oracle Pride)

(Cichla's Ruthless Rumour)


(Cichla's Xara)

Cichla's Xarras)

Cichla's Whiskey)

Cichla's Wiwa)

Dogs from the past / dogs we have owned:

(Cichla's Shiva)

(Cichla's Goya)

(Cichla's Caro)

(Revloch Irish Mist)

(Aras de Bruine Buck) ♂

(Cichla's Furza)

(Cichla's Montaņa)

Navar Mylla v`t Groenveld)

(Cichla's Kaos)  

(Breakpoint's Harley of Okey)

(Shirocky's Amazing Amanda)

(A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Liam)

(Cichla's Hezura)

(Cichla's Bonita) ♀

(Chevy's Eyza)

(Cichla's Grizzly)

(Cichla's Joan Jett)

(Cichla's Dizarella)

(A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza)