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AnneTove, Cichlas Xara , Copyright and Cichlas Ruthless Roumor


Coppie and her three daughters; Kaos, Oracle og Ruthless Rumour 


BISS 2 Oppdretter klasse og BISS oppdretter klasse ivø 5 & 6 mai 2016


Cichla's Kaos, BOB and Best in Show -2


Pictures taken in Denmark in August 2011, when Urza became Danish Champion and BIS-4    


Goya's personal dog trainer, ready for Goya at the search rescue training.


Camping trip, Oslo double 2010.
Goyas family.
The lovely chef. Goya and Chili running in the sunset. On their way home from a great weekend, Norwegian winner 2010 at Bjerke.


Urza with her children: Furza, Grizzly and Gucci. Taking a wonderful walk in Hässleholm, south of Sweden. "Marie's forest"


A beautiful place close to home, were we walk the dogs.


Vår siste konfirmant Maren Elise og hennes 1 år eldre bror Vetle.


Junior class at the Specialty in Stavanger May 2007.
Maren with Coppie and Pia with Diza.
Breeders group in Hemsedal, May 2007.


Maren 6 years old, showing Mandie.
Photo: Ranghild Stensland


Urza, Bonita, Caro and Cala running and playing 2006-03-24.


AnneTove and all the dogs in December 2005 Urza and Bonita, December 2005 Urza and Bonita, December 2005


Marius and his
grandmother in Spain.
Marius in Spain. Marius and Christine.


Photos from the Bear Park in Hemsedal, Norway.


Vetle and Maren playing in the snow!


Vetle in Football
School, summer 2003


Maren and
Bonita in
Vetle and
Eyza in


Our three kids visiting Spain;
Maren, Marius and Vetle.


Our daughter
Morten's brother; Geir
and his daughter
Bene. Sleeping beside
them is the Great Dane