AMCH Cichla's Donita
Hips - Excellent, Eyes - Clear, Complete Scissor bite - exported to USA

Donita has been invited to show at Westminister Dog Show, in New York. We keep our fingers crossed for a great result !
2008.04.04, First prize, Winner, BOB
2008.03.??, First prize, Winner, BOS
2008.03.??, First prize, Winner, BOS
2008.03.??, First prize, Winner, BOS
2007.12.09, First prize, Reserve Winners
2007.12.08, First prize, Reserve Winners
2007.12.07, First prize
2007.12.06, First prize, BOS, Best of Winners
2007.10.28, Best Female, BOS
2007.10.27, Best Female, BOS

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vit_04.jpg (107085 byte)
This is DONITA.
Born 2006.07.27
Owner: Susanne Handler, USA
e. NoCH Navar Mylla v`t Groenveld
u: NoCH Cichla's Bonita


NoCH NV-05
Navar Mylla v't Groenveld
Igor de la Douce Plaine Hugo de la douce plaine
Dyna de la douce plaine
Mylla-Bonny V. Lana's Hof Milan de la Closerie de Yenda
Bonny Wendy v. Lanas Hof
Cichla's Bonita
C.I.E PolCH NoCH DKCH EUjW-99 EUW-00 PolW-00 S.R. LP Greco Comme un Reve Noir
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
JCH Vendredi des Terres Bergeres Hips A
ItCH HungCH IPO I Vrs Pimpernel Tosca Hips A
LP Shirocky's Amazing Amanda
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
NorwCH Woodshines Convolvulus Arvensis Hips A, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear
NorwCH Ter-Abyrex Zhagra Zafran Hips A