Cichla's D'lle Navar
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0
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is born 2006.07.27

2008-05-11, Hemsedal Breed Specialty, HP, judge Cathy Bond
2008-05-10, Hemsedal Breed Specialty, 1-2 young, Excellent, judge: Anne Marie Lipscombe
2007-08-12, Bjerke NKK International, 1-4, judge: Stelios Makaritis
2007-05-27, Hemsedal Breed Specialty, 1-3 junior, very good, judge: Amanda McLaren
2007-05-26, Hemsedal Breed Specialty, 1-2 junior, HP, judge: Marie-France Varlet




Do'lle to the left and Dizel to the right, 14 months




Owner: Rebecca Halvorsen, Oslo


NoCH NV-05
Navar Mylla v't Groenveld
Igor de la Douce Plaine Hugo de la douce plaine
Dyna de la douce plaine
Mylla-Bonny V. Lana's Hof Milan de la Closerie de Yenda
Bonny Wendy v. Lanas Hof
Cichla's Bonita
C.I.E PolCH NoCH DKCH EUjW-99 EUW-00 PolW-00 S.R. LP Greco Comme un Reve Noir
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
JCH Vendredi des Terres Bergeres Hips A
ItCH HungCH IPO I Vrs Pimpernel Tosca Hips A
LP Shirocky's Amazing Amanda
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
NorwCH Woodshines Convolvulus Arvensis Hips A, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear
NorwCH Ter-Abyrex Zhagra Zafran Hips A