N CH, SE CH, Cichla's Bandit
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes Clear, Complete Scissor bite, 66 cm
Approved Norwegian Rescue Dog 2013
Approved Norwegian Rescue Dog 2012
Approved Norwegian Rescue Dog 2011
Approved Norwegian Rescue Dog 2010
Approved 1 week test (excluded tracking and searching) for Rescue Dog 2009
Approved Norwegian Rescue Dog 2007
For more info about Bandit, please call or email us.
is born 2002.11.09


Bandit got his first CAC, CACIB and BOB 040912 in Stavanger.
He got his second CAC and 2:nd Best Male 050320 in Stavanger.
Bandit got his third and last CAC 3:rd Best Male 050702 in Sandnes
and became NUCH.
Bandit got his Swedish CAC (and 4:th best male) 100513 in Iv, Specialty. He also became BIS working dog

Pia, 14 years, takes Bandit to shows and agility.
Frode trains him to be a rescue dog.




Bandit training for the Norwegian Rescue Dog Ass. in January.
Photo: Aud Finbakk


Bandit posing =)


Photo taken 03.02.18
What fun one can
have with a
piece of wood!!!
June 2003.

Bandit and his master Frode.


This is BANDIT
Both testicles.
Owner: Frode Dydland, Stavanger


C.I.E PolCH NoCH DKCH EUjW-99 EUW-00 PolW-00 S.R. LP Greco Comme un Reve Noir
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
JCH Vendredi des Terres Bergeres Hips A Re Jason de la Douce Plaine Hips A
s.r. Quechua des Terres Begeres Hips A
ItCH HungCH IPO I Vrs Pimpernel Tosca Hips A WW IPO I Mister van de Hoge Laer
WW HungCH Doriead van Lana's Hof
LP Shirocky's Amazing Amanda
Hips AA, Elbows 00, Eyes Clear
NorwCH Woodshines Convolvulus Arvensis Hips A, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear GBCH Gooitzen v't Belgisch Schoon Hips A
Jalus Bee Mier at Questenberg Hips A
NorwCH Ter-Abyrex Zhagra Zafran Hips A Emmabourne Free Spirit Hips A
Bellamo's Attractive Annatacha Hips A