My bikes !
On this page you will find most of my bikes during the past years. At the bottom you will find our present bikes. Press HERE.


Kawasaki Z900 1976


Kawasaki Z1300 1979


Kawasaki SR 650 1979


Suzuki T 350 II  1971 model 001

My first one; a Yamaha YL 100, model 1970, I bought in 1977.

Suzuki GT 100 1977 model, bought in 1978, fantastic lightweight motorcycle.

Suzuki T 350 II  1970 model, bought in 1977 from a local Kawasaki dealer, who was hiding it under a workbench, partly dismantled. Got it for 2500,- NOK, changed ballbearings in front fork, and svingarm, and had lots of fun with this very rare bike.
Only 7 sold in Norway of this particular model.

Suzuki GS 1000 1978' model, bought used in 1979. The perfect bike for long tours, I have always regret selling it.

Honda Benly 125cc. 1965' model. They fascinated me when I was to young to own one, I only had it for 6 months in 1980.

Yamaha TX 750, 1973 model, during 1980 until 1985 i had totally 4 of these bikes, they were not good mechanically, but lots of fun to drive. I am still looking for one to restore.

Suzuki GT 380 & 550. During the 80's i had two 380 and one 550. Heavy bikes but with lots of carisma.

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma, 1984 model. The first bike I bought brand new. First of this model to be sold in Norway. Sadly it was stolen, later recowered, but in a sad state.

Yamaha TX750, 1974 model.

Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans II

Harley Davidson XLX 1000, 1984 model, bought new from importer summer 84

Kawasaki 900, 1974 model 1

Kawasaki LTD 750, 1983 model. I had this bike for 9 months, great for travelling to and from job.

MC/Kawasaki H2 750, 1972 model. A very early production, frame number below 2500

Kawasaki Z1R, 1978 model.

Kawasaki A7 350

Kawasaki S2 350, 1974 model

Yamaha TX 750, 1973 model

Kawasaki H2 750, 1972 model. This one I drove around Scandinavia and Europe on, I had it for several years.

Kawasaki A1 250, 1971 model.

Suzuki GS 750, 1976 model.

Yamaha TX 750, 1974 model

HD, 1952 model panhead chopper project. I had most of the parts, but got a good offer.

Suzuki GS 750, 1977 model. US import.

Suzuki GS 750, 1977 model. US import.

Kawasaki H1 500, 1971 model.

Yamaha DT 250, 1973 model.

In 1986 I imported 4 Indian Big Chief 1200, and 1 HD FL1200. The indians where sold as restauration projects, here pictured in the hall of our house ;-)

The starting point of my restauration of Honda CB 750 K1

Almost finished with the Honda CB 750 K1

Some restauration projects never start at all, like this Kawasaki A1 250. At that time I had 13 bikes, and no time at all to start another project. So it was sold again.

Me on my Moto Guzzi Le Mans II  in 1983

GS 750, 1976 model. Illustration photo, as this bike is just a big pile of parts. It will probably end up as a cafe racer if I can find enough parts.

Yamaha 650, 1976 model. Some modifications done on the engine and forks.

GSX750E-1, black-a, 250, 1980 model.

Kawasaki KE100, 1980 model.
Illustration photo, as my bike was in parts.

Z1000, 1977 model. A restoration project.

Kawasaki S2 350, 1972 model. Project

Honda VT 125, AnneTove's newest bike.

Honda VT 125, 2000 model. This is AnneTove's bike.

Kawasaki H1 500, 1971 model.

RG 250 GAMMA 1984

RG 250 GAMMA 1984

Kawasaki H1 500, 1970 model


Our present bikes :


Kawasaki Z900, 1976 model. Our restoration project.

Kawasaki Z900 1976 finally finished :-)


Harley Davidson 1000 1985 chopper project


Harley Davidson 1000 1985 chopper project


Kawasaki H2 750 1972

Kawasaki W800 F.E. 2018

Honda XL250  1976

Kawasaki H2 750 1973