Cichla's C-litter

born June 30, 2018
4 males and 2 females groenendael and 1 tervueren male
 Mother is NO CH Cichla's Shiva
Father is Eternity's Lynx





Blue Male, Charlie


Green Male, Chinero


White Male, Chip - FOR SALE


Orange Female, Cirka


Red Male, Chaplin


Pink Female. Cava - LOOKING FOR CO-OWNER


Blue Male, Charlie


Tervueren Male, Chakka to Lufaliva



Eternity's Lynx Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke Corsini Raphael
Breakpoint's Coke of Okey
Lysah de Bruine Buck Eternity's Vici
Ancor de Bruine Buck
Cichlas Shiva Cichlas Karras Aras de Bruine Buck
Cichlas Furza Navar Mylla v't Groenveld
A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza