Dina, 2011


Mike 2011
Sheik, 14 months old. CAC and 2nd best male at NKK Kristiansand 2010.05.08.
King, 13 months old. CAC and BOB 2010.04.24


Dushi as a puppy and now a young lady


Dina February 2010


Hugin February 2010


Mike January 2010




Mike November 2009


Mike 2009.10.14


Mike 2009.09.28


Sheik Sheik Hugin Tarzan
Papu Papu Papu  


Aromax Dina Dina
Dina Dina Dina
Mike Mike Mike
Hugin Hugin Papu
Tarzan Tarzan  
Hugin & King Hugin & King  
Tervueren males - 4 weeks old.
Mike Aromax Aromax
Mike Tarzan Tarzan


Groenendael males - 4 weeks old.
Hugin King Sheik Hugin


Groenendael females - 4 weeks old.
Dina Papu Papu
Dushi Dushi Dushi


Tervueren males - 2 weeks old.
Tarzan Aromax Mike


Groenendael males - 1 day old.
King Sheik Hugin


Groenendael females - 1 day old.
Papu Dina Dushi


Tervueren males - 1 day old.
Tarzan Aromax Mike


Happy Birthday !!!